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IONITY - Hubject - has·to·be webinar

The Future of EV Charging

Plug & Charge for everyone!

September 14th, from 3:00 to 4:30 pm CET Register now! Register now!

Plug & Charge technology will change the EV driver charging experience forever.

Learn all about it with top EV Charging industry insiders.

Dr. Susanne Koblitz Head of Charging Technology at IONITY, where she is responsible for charging functionality at IONITY locations.

Christian Hahn CEO of Hubject GmbH, where his primary focus is on strategy, investor relations and establishing the company’s global presence

Maximilian Huber COO of has·to·be gmbh, where he drives the company’s efforts around products and customer success. He also holds chairmanship of the management board.

Plug & Charge: The next big thing

Connect a cable to the charging station, then watch as the charging process begins automatically without any further action required by the EV driver. Easy, right?

Our experts will shed light on the technical refinements, standards and future customer experience that Plug & Charge implies.

Topics at a glance:

  • Benefits for EV drivers What are the benefits of Plug & Charge for EV drivers?
  • Plug & Charge market-ready Why has it taken so long for it to become market-ready?  
  • Perfect customer journey with be.ENERGISED How does it differ from the Tesla ecosystem?
  • Plug & Charge mainstream When will it become mainstream?

As always, we’ve scheduled time for attendees to grab their chance to ask questions!

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Guest Speakers

Dr. Susanne Koblitz

Dr. Susanne Koblitz

Dr. Susanne Koblitz joined IONITY in January 2018 as Head of Charging Technology where she is responsibility for the charging functionalities on the IONITY sites. Her Team is responsible for all hardware related topics, including standardization, technical developments and supplier management. Dr. Koblitz is active in the EV charging business since 2015. She worked as technical expert on infrastructure projects and in standardization. Amongst others she was part of the group developing the requirements for high power charging. Dr. Koblitz studied physics with a PhD in high-energy physics.

Christian Hahn

Christian Hahn

Christian Hahn received a master’s degree in industrial engineering in 2005, with special emphasis on environmental and power technology as well as change management. His career began at ThyssenKrupp and Daimler AG, followed by six years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Berlin, where he specialized in consulting for the energy supply business. As an advisor he was primarily responsible for areas within strategy and business development, optimizing business processes and project management, smart energy, intelligent networks, and smart metering. He began working on his first electric vehicle projects in 2008. He joined Hubject in 2012, where he started as Head of Business Development and Administration. Christian Hahn was appointed CEO of Hubject GmbH in January 2015. Following a change in the management team in January 2019, his primary focus is now on strategy, investor relations, and the global Hubject company setup.

Maximilian Huber

Maximilian Huber

During a career at AUDI that spanned approximately 20 years, Huber most recently held the position of B2B and Inhouse Charging Infrastructure Solutions Project Manager as well as Electrification Portfolio Manager based in the U.S. His focus was on market analysis and defining the eMobility product portfolio for the American market. The result of this analysis was a fully electric SUV taking shape. A vehicle we now know well: the Audi e-tron. As Chief Operating Officer at has·to·be gmbh Maximilian Huber is now driving the company’s efforts around products and customer success as well as the chairmanship of the management board.

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