The Journey Of EV Charging — How Powerful eMobility Service Providers Are Paving The Way To A Seamless EV Charging Experience.

The days when EVs were mostly driven by the technically savvy are rapidly coming to an end. The charging ecosystem needs to prepare for a broader range of drivers.


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What is it all about?

While new users might accept that public charge points aren’t always available everywhere, they will expect a seamless and user-friendly experience when charging their cars. Many people still have negative assumptions that make them apprehensive about the process. What are we doing to address those issues right now? And what obstacles must eMobility players still overcome to make charging as smooth as our future customers will demand?

has·to·be gmbh believes that one key to achieving a seamless eCharging experience is to ensure interconnectivity between as many CPOs and MSPs as possible. That’s why we’ve been working to provide the largest eMobility Service Provider roaming network in Europe. Working as a white label supplier means we can enable our clients to offer their drivers the most extensive coverage. This in turn is rapidly making terms such as “range anxiety” and “multiple RFID cards and apps” obsolete.

We’re convinced that powerful eMobility Service Provider networks will pave the way to seamless EV charging. Let’s take a look at our reasoning – and how we’re making such networks a reality!


Andreas Blin

Manager International Sales & Business Development

Andreas Blin is Manager of International Sales & Business Development at has·to·be gmbh. In this capacity, Andreas deals daily with the mission of making eMobility tangible and easily accessible, thus reducing the effort for companies to enter the world of eMobility. With more than 20 years of experience in international business and sales in the industry as well as sales management experience, the graduate engineer of the University of Leoben brings a wealth of expertise to the has·to·be gmbh team.