Since 28 September 2020, the world record driver Rainer Zietlow and his Challenge4 team in the new VW ID.3 have been on a 20,000-kilometer marathon across Germany. For two months, they are traveling together, powered purely by electricity from the southernmost hotel to the northernmost car park in Germany, proving that eMobility has truly arrived in Germany.

Key Figures of ID.3 Germany Tour:

  • 20,000+ Kilometers
  • 65 days
  • 1 Car
  • 1 Driver and 1 Co-Driver
  • 650 60 kW Charge Points

Agenda for the panel discussion:

  • Halftime ID.3 Germany tour: experiences and insights.
  • Have we reached the goal? Germany's charging infrastructure put to the test.
  • How has·to·be gmbh is promoting and advancing eMobility throughout Europe.
  • Q&A session


Rainer Zietlow, World Record Driver

Maximilian Huber, COO has·to·be gmbh

Tobias Scharfen, CSO has·to·be gmbh


eMobility expert Andreas Blin
Manager of International Sales & Business Development has·to·be gmbh


Supporters of the ID.3 Germany tour


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What is the be·connected ID.3 Tour Talk all about?

Can you drive 20,000-kilometers across Germany in 65 days using only electricity?

As a supporter and sponsor of this eMobility long-distance test, has·to·be gmbh is making possible a 45-minute panel (approximately) discussion with world record holder and long-distance expert Rainer Zietlow, which you can follow live online.  

Halftime of this two-month project is getting closer and closer, and just before Rainer Zietlow and his team set off for the north of Germany, he will take the time for a pit stop at the has·to·be gmbh Munich office. Together with Maximilian Huber, Chief Operational Officer at has·to·be gmbh, and Tobias Scharfen, Chief Sales Officer at has·to·be gmbh, he will talk about his experiences during this eMobility tour of Germany with the VW ID.3 and about his insights into where eMobility stands in Germany today from the perspective of eDrivers. The panel discussion will also give a snapshot of the status quo of the charging infrastructure in Germany and Europe and will illustrate the role of has·to·be gmbh as a provider of the be.ENERGISED cloud software

Andreas Blin, Manager International Sales & Business Development at has·to·be gmbh, will guide you through this online panel.  


About Rainer Zietlow

Founder of Challenge4 and World Record Driver

Rainer Zietlow spent more than half of his life driving cars long distance. His automotive success includes three "Guinness World Records" and two long-distance-world records - all of which he won in a team. Until today, Rainer, born in 1969 has toured 110 countries by car, but his home is and always will be Mannheim in southern Germany, where he was born and lives with his wife and son.